Lift Installation, Maintenance, Repair Work, Spare Parts and Break-Down Cover

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Types of Contract

SHARP Elevators and Escalators is pleased to provide different maintenance contract options, enabling our customers to choose the service which best suits their requirements or budget.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

An Accord Comprehensive Lift Maintenance Contract provides our customers with fully comprehensive service cover, including all works plus the labour and material content of any breakdowns and repairs during normal working hours. This is particularly useful in allowing our customers to accurately forecast their monthly and annual lift maintenance expenditure, and, of course, provides complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive Lift Maintenance Contracts include:

  • Regular Inspections
  • Planned Maintenance Scheduling, to reduce breakdowns
  • Adjustments to lift machinery
  • Lubrication checks
  • On-site Log Card detailing all lift engineer visits
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Mandatory safety checks
  • Insurance Report priority
  • All replacement parts
  • Labour costs for repairs
  • Breakdown call-outs

Maintenance Only Contracts

Our Maintenance Only Contracts include a pre-determined number of maintenance visits, are designed to ensure your lifts are regularly monitored and remain safe at all times.

Please be aware all replacement parts, breakdown call-outs and labour costs are chargeable on Maintenance Only Contracts.

Maintenance Only Contracts include:

  • Regular Inspections
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance scheduling, to minimise breakdowns
  • Minor adjustments to lift machinery
  • Lubrication checks
  • On-site Log Card confirming all lift engineer visits
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Mandatory safety checks
  • Insurance Report priority

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

SHARP Lifts provide timely preventive maintenance effective repairs personalised service and renewal at economic rates as against exorbitant rates charged by main manufacturers. Our staffs have wide experience in Lift Technology.

Parts - pair or Replace

SHARP Lifts will at its option, repair or replace any parts detailed in the following section which, in its opinion are defective. Parts will be furnished by SHARP Lifts on an exchange basis under which the replaced parts become the property of SHARP Lifts.

However SHARP Lifts will not make any replacements renewals, or repairs necessitated by any obsolete or discontinued part of the unit(s) or by reason of any cause beyond our control (except ordinary wear and tear ) including, but not limited to, fire, fire, explosion, theft,floods, water, weather,earthquake,vandalism, misuse,abuse,mischief,or repairs by others.

SHARP Elevators and Escalators

We erect and commission industry-leading lifts (elevators) and escalators and offer solutions for maintenance and modernisation of both Commercial and Residential projects. We also offer cost effective Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). Our people and partners are fully committed to customer delight.

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