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We install, erect and commission industry-leading lifts (elevators) and escalators and offer cost effective solutions for maintenance and modernisation for both Commercial and Residential projects. We also offer cost effective Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment. Our people and partners are fully committed to the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. We take care of every stage of installation, so it is safe and efficient, with no surprises or delays, and no disturbance to other building trades.

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Lift Installation

From our design team, service specialists and in-house engineers, we have the expertise and qualifications to ensure your elevator / lift installation requirements are fully met.

> Lift Installations

Lift Modernisation

If your lift is looking a little tired or not quite performing how it should be SHARP Elevators and Escalators have a superb range of parts, accessories and finishes to complete lift modernisation.

> Lift Modernisation

Lift Maintenance

Ensuring the smooth running of your lift / elevator. Regular lift maintenance is an important part of ensuring your lift is working to its full potential and to help prevent costly failures.

> Lift Maintenance

Lift Repair Service

Call SHARP Elevators and Escalators when the unexpected happens! We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick and efficient lift repair service in the event of a breakdown, generally within 2 hours to near by locations.

> Lift Repair Service

Maintenance Contract / AMC

We offer customised Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). Different maintenance contract options enables you to choose the service options that best suits your lift maintenance contract requirements and budget.

> Annual Maintenance Contracts

Partnership Solutions

Lift installation Project Management for Architects / Builders as part of turn key solution partnerships. From lift quotations, to building and electrical work, managing the project so it runs smoothly.

> Partner Solutions

Latest Technology

SHARP Elevators and Escalators actively promotes the latest standards in elevator (lift) and escalator technology and riding comfort. We provide a large varieties of elevators and escalators, which are precision designed to move proficiently and work on high traffic load.

Professional Team

SHARP Elevators and Escalators have a combined management experience of more than 25 years in the field of new installations, modernization and maintenance of all types of Elevators (Lifts) and Escalators. We utilizes the best of most advanced state of the art technologies from manufacturers.

Customer Satisfaction

Key objective of SHARP Elevators and Escalators is total customer satisfaction. Our mission to provide safe elevator and escalator operation and customer friendly services and solutions by continuously improving the operational effectiveness without compromising quality in service.

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