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As a flexible distributor to many lift manufactures, we source and supply a range of passenger lifts. We are able to provide a selection of Traction and Hydraulic driven lifts with or without motor rooms. We also offer our own range of lift car finishes, however; we also provide a custom finish to add a personal touch. This ensures the requirements of our customers are always met.


General Specification

  • Load/Capacity: 320kg to 1600kg / 4 person – 21 person
  • Speed: 0.6 – 1.6 m/s
  • Maximum Travel: Up to 75 metres
  • Maximum Floors: 2 – 32 Floors
  • Entrances: Single entry – Front only
  • Entrances: Through entry – Front & Back
  • Drive System: Direct Gearless or Hydraulic
  • Controller: Modern, low energy microprocessor
  • Door type: Automatic side/centre opening
  • Clear Door Opening: From 600mm to 1600mm
  • Door Height:2000mm – 2100mm
  • Car Dimensions: Standard Car Dimension
  • Internal Car Height: 2100mm – 2300mm

Passenger – Hole-Less Hydraulic

Commercial, Hydraulic, Passenger

Utilizes two jacks, one on each side of the car. Single stage jacks are used for travel up to 14 ft. Two stage jacks are used for travel up to 30 feet.

Pros: The jacks are located above ground, eliminating the need to drill a deep hole. This also reduces the risk of oil contamination.

Cons: Restricted to a 2 to 4 stop applications. Also, the hoistway width requirement is slightly greater than in-ground elevators.

  • Requires 4 ft deep pit or greater.
  • Requires ceiling height on upper landing of at least 150”
  • Typical capacity of 950Kg to 2250Kg. Larger capacity available
  • Travel distance up to 30 ft

Passenger - Machine Roomless Lifts

Commercial, MRL, Passenger, Traction, Machine Roomless Lifts

The machine and all the related traction components, is installed inside the hoistway eliminating the need for a machine room.

Advantages include:

  • Saving floor space
  • No risk of hydraulic oil ground contamination.
  • Greater power efficiency

Rail Supported MRL:

  • Capacities from 950Kg to 1350Kg
  • Speeds from 100 FPM up to 350 FPM
  • Travel up to 50’-0”

Building Supported MRL

  • Capacities from 950Kg to 2250Kg
  • Speeds from 100 FPM up to 500 FPM


Passenger In-Ground Hydraulic

Commercial, Hydraulic, Passenger

The jack is located directly under the platform, in the ground. The jack is protected from the ground using a PVC liner.


  • Material cost is less expensive than other elevators.
  • This is the easiest to install and is available in low capacity as well as high capacity applications.
  • Heavy freight carsvare typically always in-ground.


  • The jack is located underground and oil contamination is possible, although rare. A PVC liner provide protection between the cylinder and soil.
  • Drilling a jack hole can be expensive, depending upon the ground conditions.

Important Info:

  • Requires drilling deep hole for hydraulic jack.
  • Requires 4 ft deep pit or greater.
  • Requires ceiling height on upper landing of at least 150”
  • Typical capacity of 950Kg to 2250Kg. Larger capacity available
  • Travel speed up to 150 feet per minute.


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We erect and commission industry-leading lifts (elevators) and escalators and offer solutions for maintenance and modernisation of both Commercial and Residential projects. We also offer cost effective Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). Our people and partners are fully committed to customer delight.

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