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Elevator Inspection Checklist

Elevator Inspection Checklist

The elevator must be in compliance with all requirements to be certified for use. The elevator inspector will have a checklist of items that includes (but is not limited to) examining/testing the following:

  • Car Buffers
  • Counterweight Buffers
  • Safeties
  • Overspeed Governor
  • Slack-Rope Devices
  • Normal Limits
  • Final Limits
  • Firefighters’ Emergency Operation.
  • Standby Power Operation.

The above items must be periodically checked by your elevator maintenance mechanic.  As a building manager, you cannot control or monitor the items above.  But you can help to insure successful inspections by doing the following:

  • Make sure all fire extinguishers are kept in their proper locations and tags are up to date
  • The machine room door closer works properly and the door is self-locking.
  • The machine room is kept clear of any items not related to the elevator.  This must not be used as a storage closet
  • Maintain good lighting at all landings
  • Phone service for the elevator is kept operational with a dedicated line
  • Notify your mechanic if you notice any irregular operation of the elevator, including noises, bumps, door closing differently, inoperable lights, broken buttons.
  • Post proper paperwork as required by local code enforcement

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